Lead finding

You are looking to activate a specific niche, collect market feedback, find distributors:
1. We analyze your current situation and set-up concrete goals. Realistic but ambitious.
2. We launch an outbound campaign: via network and cold call, we open up leads and gather feedback. 
3. You harvest the results. 

Go-To-Market and Scale-Up programs

You are looking to acquire a foreign company in your segment, you want a full scale-up operation, you target public companies:
1. We analyze your current situation, level of resources, existing references; and establish mid-term milestones.
2. We introduce you to one of our suitable channel and/or program for you, including some publicly funded options. 
3. You take over a market, one solid step at the time. 


We've done business in over 30 countries. Where do we go next? 
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