We promised, we delivered...

... and everybody is happy!

"We had just landed in Finland and needed to launch the connection between Finnish start-ups and the Spanish market. Carrison's contribution with leads, pitching days' logistics, coordination, briefs, follow ups... Definitely a key at the take-off of the Open Future scale-up and our Go-To-Market program."
Domingo Egea, Area Manager Nordics at Barrabés/NapapiiriHub Oy

"Great connections, curated content, constant support. Awesome."
Tomi Kaukinen, Co-Founder of Sportacam/Camment Oy

"We opened an amazing channel in Spain; the perfect connection. We got strategy support, coordination, tons of new written content, including an investment pitch. And also script and production assistance for our new video!"
Eija Pessinen, Founder & Inventor of Relaxbirth Oy 

"Great support on an international trade fair. Only couple of sessions of training and great, great job on the spot and with the follow-ups. I can warmly recommend Stefan for trade fairs. With his outgoing style and language skills he can make a difference."
Elina Avela, CEO of Beaconsim Oy / TETRAsim

"We wanted to get a vibe from the French market, open up some leads. 4 weeks later, we were sending newly translated materials and prices to France!"
Jukka Hakola, Commercial Director at Sansox Oy

"We've had a long relationship with Stefan. It is fair to say he knows our products inside-out. He helped us during strategy shifts and kept our distribution channel active. Goal and solution oriented, he is part of our team!"
Mikko Horppu, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Fogio Oy

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