6 Pillars

We will build your SoMe presence. For that, we will balance in 5 key areas:
1. Strategy: why are you in SoMe; what stories define you; how to reach your goal; who is your audience; hashtag strategy.
2. Content Creation: multiple audiovisual formats, definition of keywords, brand guidelines.  
3. Execution: apply all tactical elements influence the performance of a post.
4. Paid vs Organic: maximize each cent of promotional content, push your organic growth to the limit!
5. Report: define quantitative and qualitative parameters to show trends, path and adjust. 
6. Community Management: no one likes monologues, let's create discussions. 


Some happy stories include: Sportacam - UD Almería - Qvision - Microsoft Flux - and many more...

We know what it is to have an audience of 500K+ on daily basis.
We have opened new markets from scratch, we have established brands in their local markets. 
Where do we go next? 

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